What is Boundless Photo Safari?

Boundless Photo Safaris are photo tours that emphasize learning photography through the experience of traveling. First and foremost we love photography and think there’s nothing better than traveling with a camera. We believe that photography allows us to visually share our experiences with others and to experience people and places through a different lens (pun intended). In order to take a great picture you must look beyond the surface, and when you do, your photography and your experience changes. The more you can immerse yourself into a place the better your photographs will be. How will we help get you to there?Our photo tours use local transportation, you will not be eating in tourist establishments, instead you will dine where the locals dine, and you will have

opportunities to photographs a variety of locations from landmarks to train stations to farms (of course depending on the tour). Your photo tour will be guided by a professional photographer(s) who will teach you along the way. One of our key focus is education. We want you to learn how to take great photos.

When we travel, we want as much of a local experience as an outsider can get in a short period of time. We want talk to the people, eat the food and find as many photo opportunities as possible. Traveling is not only about the photography but it’s about the experience and our cameras help us get closer to everything we shoot, and the closer we get, the better the photographs.