• Q: What about transportation?

    You will be responsible for getting to the starting point. Exact hotel location and map with directions from the airport will be provided after registration. When travel is necessary within a city we will be using a variety of public transportation options (eg. city buses, subways, taxis, etc.). If it is necessary to travel with luggage due to a change in hotels/cities, taxis will be used to get from hotel to train/bus/airplane.

  • Q: What about cancellations?

    Your registration is your commitment to attend. If you must cancel your registration please view the policies here: Terms & Conditions

  • Q: Guests and non participants?

    Only paid registrants may attend Photo Safaris. Although spouses and friends may also join us, please remember that our focus will be on photography.

  • Q: What should I bring on my photo tour?

    Although a full packing list will be supplied prior to departure, the following is suggested:

    a.Your camera of course; digital camera is a MUST - be it point & shoot, D-SLR, or smartphone. b. A laptop computer or other device that will allow you to back up your images at the end of each day. c.Plenty of memory cards (formatted and ready to go); always carry a backup. d.Extra batteries for your camera and flash (if you have one). e.If you have a mini tripod like a “gorillapod” that "may" be helpful. f.Your camera’s manual may be helpful. g.Small pocket size note pad and pen. h.Most importantly, bring your learning hats.

  • Q: What can I expect on a Photo Safari?

    All safaris are hands on photo tours led by professional photographers. Our photo tours are geared towards helping participants learn how to take better pictures and to do it on their own. The instructor will give feedback and direction on how to improve each participant's photographs along the way.

    All of our photo safaris are kept small to insure that everyone has a chance to get their questions answered.

  • Q: How fit must I be?

    All Participants must be physically fit and able to carry their own equipment. Depending on the schedule you can expect to walk between 2-5 miles a day. It is important to note that although public transportation will be used whenever possible to reduce the amount of walking you do, you will still need to carry your own equipment each day and there will many places where walking is the only alternative. There will be many opportunities to take breaks along the way and you may always choose grab a coffee rather than take a photo.

  • Q: What is the age limit?

    All participants must be at least 16 years or older. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a fully registered adult.

  • Q: What kind of camera do I need?

    We believe that great photography is not about the camera but the photographer. The more equipment you carry the more options you will have in creating the images you want to create. However carrying more equipment has some serious downsides. It's heavy. Please consider that you will be walking several miles a day on our photo tours. Which means you will be carrying the equipment with you. The more you carry the quicker you will tire.

    You may choose to participate with a smartphone or an expensive DSLR. All of our photo tours will give you an opportunity to photograph a variety of subjects. Having a wide choice of lenses may be very useful; but as a reminder the more you carry the sooner you will tire.