October 7-19, 2018 (5 Participants Max) (SOLD OUT)
January 30-Feb 13, 2019 (5 Participants Max) (SOLD OUT)<
Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com    Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com    Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com    Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com    Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com    Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com    Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com


Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com

Vietnam is one of the most friendly places you will ever experience in the world. Along with the friendly nature of the people is an amazing culture of street food. This is where we will find our interactions with every day people and photos to go with it. There will be lots of markets and street vendors to photograph along with temples, relics and an amazing landscape. Expect interactions with people every day of this trip and expect to take lots of photos.

not only have a great travel experience but also a great photo experience too. Please note that the January 2019 session will run during the Lunar New Year (aka TET in Vietnam). We will be in the World Heritage site of Hoi An to bring in the New Year and capture the celebrations!

If Vietnam isn't enough head to Siem Reap Cambodia with me! Click here for more information: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com

$3,350 (double occupancy) / $3,750 (single occupancy)Includes all hotel accommodations and local transportation. (5 Participants Maximum). To begin registration please click here: register now!

Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com

Transportation. You will be responsible for all international transportation requirements. This photo tour will begin in Hanoi (exact hotel and meeting location will be provided after registration) and end in Hanoi. Once the photo tour begins, all internal transportation costs are included in the registration fee including airport transfers. We will be using private vehicles and walking within city limits. When moving between cities we will use private cars to get from city to city. We will begin our trip with a meet and greet on January 30, 2019 in Hanoi and end Feb 13, 2019 in Hanoi. If you need to lengthen or shorten your stay please let me know.

Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com

Accommodations. You will be staying in local hotels with a 3-4 star western standard rating (usually considered 5+ stars by local standards) . We will also spend one night on a cruise ship in Ha Long Bay.

Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com

Meals. On your journey you will have the opportunity try lots of local foods. Hopefully never repeating anything twice. All breakfasts will be included plus 5 lunches and 5 dinners. . Alcoholic beverages are not included. Please note that a couple of breakfasts will not be available right away because we will be leaving too early in the morning. Please bring 2-3 of your favorite power bars to get you through 1-3 hours before we can find something! There are no McD's breakfast drive through in Vietnam!

Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com

Documents.Visa requirements for visiting Vietnam. Citizens of most western countries with a valid passport are required to apply for an entry visa to Vietnam. You may apply via your local embassy or consulate office. Although our session will only be in Vietnam if you plan to continue on in Asia and return to Vietnam after you will need to apply for a multi entry visa. You are responsible for fulfilling your own visa requirements. Registration does not include visa fees. US residents may apply for visas 6 months prior to their visit via the consulate office.

Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com

Itinerary. Your journey begins with a welcome dinner in the capital city of Hanoi January 30. The next day we will fly directly to Hue via. With a half day available and everyone exhausted from travel we'll spend that first afternoon on a boat visiting a couple of temples and photographing the local fisthermen.

Day 3 & 4 Will be spent in Hue visiting the tombs of Ancient rulers like Minh Mang and Khai Dinh and many others. There will be a few temples to explore as well.

Day 5 we leave bright and early from our hotel heading south to Hoi An. Stopping first on the coast of Lang Co to photograph the fishermen as then come in from the morning's catch. Although the drive from Hue to Hoi An is only 3 hours we will take the entire day to do it. This allows us to stop at a National Park to photograph banyan trees and to stop at Marble mountain with it's picturesque view of the area and temples.

Day 6 & 7 Hoi An. This is New Year's Eve and there will be lots going on. We'll spend the morning walking through the market and explore the town with our cameras. And then head back to the hotel for a break and to prepare for the evening's shoot. We'll have some last minute discussions regarding night photography and temple etiquette. We'll probably get up a little late the next day. The afternoon will be spent on a boat where we'll have the opportunity to photograph the local villages up the river.

Day 8 - Fly back to Hanoi. Leaving in the morning and being in Hanoi by lunch. We'll spend the afternoon visiting and photographing the Citadel and the Temple of Literature. Depending on everyone's stamina we'll either go see the famous Water Puppet show or we will do a night shoot at the lake nearby.

Day 9 - First thing in the morning we head to Ha Long Bay and catch an overnight boat cruise. This will allow us a sunset and a sunrise shoot in the bay.

Day 10-12 After returning to the main land we'll by pass Hanoi and head directly to Nghia Lo (about a 7 hour drive), where we'll find rice terraces and a small town with few tourists. The next morning after spending the morning in the market, head into the hills where we'll find tea plantations and hundred year old tea trees, before going out to an ecolodge in Mu Can Chai with terraced rice fields everywhere. We'll spend 2 nights out there relaxing and shooting. We'll get a chance to work on some long exposures during the day if you bring 10-15 stop ND filters. There will be opportunities to do a little bit of hiking if you like or take a motorcycle taxi to get into the local villages. This area is also inhabited by several of the 54 (that's FIFY FOUR) ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

Day 13 Return to Hanoi (Feb 11). That evening we'll do either the the Water Puppet show or a shoot after dinner; whatever didn't get done on Day 8.

Day 14 Hanoi We'll walk around the old town photographing the nooks and crannies of this historically rich location and you'll get a chance to do any last minute shopping etc. We'll finish one last dinner to celebrate our accomplishments.

Day 15 Good bye (Feb 13). You will be provided with transportation back to the airport. If you would like to stay on in Vietnam I can help you make those arrangements. If you are flying to other places in the region please let me know.

Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com

Medical. As with all travel outside a first world country it is recommended that you have all of your childhood immunizations up to date and/or boosted. The United State's Center for Disease Control also recommends that you are immunized against Hepatitus A and Typhoid. For more information on which vaccinations are necessary please visit the CDC website.

Vietnam Photo Tour w/ boundlessphotosafari.com

Guides. Your guide for this journey will be Zim.